Sex at maturity, and why not?

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Sex at maturity, and why not?

Who said sex was only for youth? Reaching middle age does not mean that your sex life disappears, it is simply different. Find out about the changes your body faces and some tips to continue enjoying a full sex life. If you can, why not do it? Sex at maturity

Over the years your body is no longer the same, and therefore your sex life is not the same. It is normal for you to feel less desires or make it harder to get or maintain an erection as before. It may even take a little longer to achieve an orgasm and your ejaculations are less strong and with less semen.

If you are living something similar, do not grieve, it is very common in men when they reach this age. It is said that between 15% and 25% of men over 65 suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Your body produces less testosterone and that makes you no longer feel the same desire as when you were 20 years old. In addition, at your age, it is common that some health problems such as arthritis, heart problems, and diabetes, take away sexual vitality.

But stop thinking “what times those!” … do not add thought limitations to the physical limitations that come naturally with age. Many times sexual problems in adulthood arise not only from physical problems but also from problems that your own mind imposes. On the one hand, you may be worried that your erections are no longer as frequent and firm as before, or feel shame because your body looks old. Many men even feel for the first time that they need more erotic stimulation or that their erection lasts less time, but they are afraid to tell their partners openly condemning themselves to silence and dissatisfaction.

It is not true that your possibilities are closed. Follow these tips to reactivate your sex life.

Recognize the changes. Not being as active as when you were 20 years old, does not mean you can not have a rewarding sexuality at this age. Of course, you can, once you recognize what has changed in your body and what you need to do now to enjoy your sex life again.

Speak it. Although you have grown up in a time when sex was a taboo, it is no longer! Dare to talk about what happens to you. You can tell your partner what you feel, she can help you find new ways to satisfy each other.

Go to the doctor. Your doctor will help you understand what happens (sometimes it can indicate a symptom of a cardiovascular problem that needs treatment). If you discover that it is due to a physical problem or side effects of any medicine you are taking, it may have a solution. I may also recommend a medication that helps you with erections if applied to your case. The important thing is to seek help.

Revive the desire. Change the routine in your sexual relationship , devote more time to prelude and romanticism than before, try new caresses and kisses that can renew the desire.

Explore Sexual intercourse is not limited to penetration for pleasure. They can try masturbation and other positions that are equally satisfactory.

Who says you can not? Sex at maturity can continue to be very exciting, it is just a matter of giving your sex life a new chance. And you can think … “how good these times!”Sex at maturity


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