Masturbation: harm or benefit, pros and cons of masturbation

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Masturbation: harm or benefit

Masturbation is an independent stimulation of the genitals, with the aim of obtaining pleasure, which is characteristic of almost all people. No matter what the bigots say, at least once in a lifetime, everyone has masturbated. For some, it became a habit, but someone found this occupation shameful and not worthy.Masturbation: harm or benefit

What is masturbation – is it an addiction that can lead a person to moral and mental decomposition, or is it a natural need that allows you to relieve sexual tension in the absence of a real partner?

What is masturbation - is it an addiction that can lead a person to moral and mental decomposition, or is it a natural need that allows you to relieve sexual tension in the absence of a real partner?

In the article, we will list the benefits and harms, all the pros and cons of masturbation, having familiarized yourself with them, you can find your own, objective answer to the questions asked above.

The benefits of masturbation

What can be the benefits of masturbation? If she is rarely practiced and if necessary, then you will get some advantages from her. Not always a person has a sexual partner, in this case, masturbation comes to the rescue. The benefit in this case with moderation can be derived.Masturbation: harm or benefit

Sex: a great ally for the good health of women

Sexual release

Life circumstances sometimes develop in such a way that for a long period of time, a person does not have sexual contacts. This can be a banal loneliness, a long trip to places where there are no representatives of the opposite sex, or simply, not a desire to have sexual intercourse, for some reason. In such cases, the fastest and most convenient way to relieve sexual tension is masturbation. This should not go beyond reasonable limits, and the search for a sexual partner should still be dealt with.

Genital Health

In both men and women, a long absence of sexual contact is not the best way affects the condition of the genitals. Most often, in men, there is stagnation of seminal fluid in the prostate, which leads to prostatitis. In women, with a long absence of sex, hormonal disorders can begin that negatively affect the female genital organs. It may be harmful. Masturbation is not something that can completely replace a real sexual partner (especially in women), but nevertheless, it helps to keep the human hormonal and reproductive systems in good shape, which undoubtedly is useful.

Training, process control

It may seem strange, but each masturbation is a kind of training, before real sexual intercourse. During such “training”, we learn to control the onset of orgasm, recognize our erogenous zones and increase endurance. All this has a positive effect on our sexual qualifications. This is the undoubted benefit of masturbation.

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Harm masturbation

In any case, excessiveness does not lead to anything good. Masturbation is no exception. The harm from it lies mainly in the plane of psychology.


After practicing masturbation, especially if this happens frequently, a person often has feelings of shame and guilt. Especially, these feelings are characteristic of religious people and educated in severity. Living with a constant sense of guilt is quite difficult and often, this leads a person to mental disorders and can be harmful to mental health. Therefore, if you consider masturbation to be a sin and a shameful occupation, but you continue to do it, then, in this case, either change your worldview or stop sinning. Otherwise, you will find yourself among the patients of the clinic for the mentally ill.

Avoiding Real Sex

Regardless of whether you have a sexual partner or are in search, masturbation too often is something that can deprive you of a real sex life. The fact is that the human brain always strives to choose the easiest solution to the problem. And therefore, instead of striving to find a partner and support existing relationships, a person often chooses an easier option for sexual satisfaction, which is masturbation. The harm, in this case, is obvious. As a result, a person ceases to be interested in real sex and concentrates on masturbation.

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Loss of reputation

The greatest fear of a person engaged in masturbation is to be “caught” during the process. Such a “phobia” is quite justified, because if it becomes known about your “hobby”, then your family and social reputation may collapse. The extent of damage to your reputation will largely depend on your age and social status. For example, a teenager found to be engaged in masturbation will hardly cause censure of others, but a mature person with children will look like a pervert in the eyes of society. Although if a teenager is caught by peers, this will also be a good reason for mockery.

After weighing all the pros and cons of masturbation, decide for yourself whether you need it, or you can do without it. Do not forget that the main thing in all matters is a sense of proportion, masturbation is also such a thing. The benefits and harms of this activity are individual in each case. Masturbation: harm or benefit


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