Home remedies for facial blemishes

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Home remedies for facial blemishes , how to get rid of spot on face

Facial blemishes : Home remedies , causes and tips

Home remedies for facial blemishes and how to get rid of face spot


What are the spots on the face?

They are small pigments that appear on the face that are different to a greater or lesser extent by the color different from the skin tone of the person.


Causes of skin spots

  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Predisposition in the genetics of the organism.
  • Addison’s disease and other diseases.
  • The exposure to solar radiation.
  • Application of defective cosmetics or fragrances

Home remedies for facial blemishes and how to get rid of face spot

10 Home remedies to eliminate stains on the face

  1. Lemon juice is an excellent natural drink to remove stains on the face. To apply the juice of half a slice of fresh lemon should be squeezed in a glass to wash the face directly in the areas where the spots are visible. This procedure should be done before going to sleep.

Then you should rinse with cold water in the morning and it is advisable not to expose yourself to the sun with the lemon on the face because it could stain the skin more, so it is a rule to apply this remedy at night.

  1. Onion juice is another natural drink that fights stains on the face. To apply a purple onion should be sprayed in a blender, then soak the juice in cotton and make contact in the areas of the stains.This remedy should be removed with cold water after ten minutes and may cause a slight burning at first.
  1. Vinegar is the cosmetic ally par excellence since it has historically accompanied humans to improve their appearance since the levels of acid pH that contains this liquid were discovered.

The vinegar should be applied to the face using a cotton ball in the areas of the stains, then let dry for twenty minutes to wash with cold water. This remedy not only removes stains, it also closes pores and smoothes the skin leaving it shiny.

  1. Milk and horseradish are a very particular combination but when it comes to stains you have to try many methods. You should mix the milk and horseradish to apply on the areas of the spots with a cotton and then let dry overnight until rinsing the next day.

This treatment clarifies the color of the spots that cause a change in the complexion of the skin.

  1. Yogurt, in addition to being delicious and creamy, has cleansing and disinfecting properties on the skin, softening the pores and strengthening the regeneration of the skin while maintaining its moisture.

To apply a yogurt-based mask should be made on the whole face with a brush or simply with your fingers. Then let it dry for fifteen or twenty minutes to remove with warm water.

  1. Cucumber is another miraculous treatment that contains a lot of water and vitamin E, in addition to serving as an ingredient to create a natural oil which qualifies it as a quality home remedy.

To apply, peel and cut the cucumber, remove the seeds and chop it in a blender to form a paste that will serve as a mask that is placed on the skin with a brush or finger.

This mask should be left on for twenty minutes until the skin is relaxed and purified.

  1. Aloe vera has also historically been the home remedy par excellence. It is said that since ancient Egypt, queens Nefertitis and Cleopatra used it in the form of a gel as a beauty treatment.

Aloe vera gel is obtained inside the leaves of the plant and should be applied in the areas where the stains are to let dry for at least 30 minutes to hydrate, nourish and soften the skin.

  1. The tomato hides powerful nutrients such as vitamin A, lycopene vitamin Cm and various proteins that are highly recommended for the skin. To apply, mix a small spoonful of lemon juice in tomato juice to dip in a cotton ball.

The tomato juice counteracts the action of the factors that cause the spots in certain cases.

  1. Green Clay is another treatment that has lasted over the years, this rudimentary remedy has a millennial age and is still used today because both ingredients activate the properties of minerals in the skin.

The green clay also called bentonite is special to apply because it works as an antibacterial and natural purifier, together with the clay they provide a soft feeling of elasticity and freshness to the skin.

  1. Turmeric powder is held as the great secret in India to maintain the beauty of the skin for decades and is dubbed as ‘the salt of life’. This remedy seems magical because it reduces the dark pigmentations of the skin. If the spots are dark, the result is 100% guaranteed.

To apply one should mix a spoonful of turmeric powder in three small tablespoons of lemon juice to form a paste that will cover the entire skin for thirty minutes, then rinse with water.

Home remedies for facial blemishes and how to get rid of face spot

Other recommendations and tips to eliminate stains on the face

  • Find out the exact cause that causes the spots on the face to know what treatment to use and how to prevent them.
  • To avoid the use of tobacco
  • Use a sunscreen when there is too much exposure to the sun.
  • Consume foods rich in minerals and vitamins A, C, and E that benefit the skin.
  • Use creams or other cosmetic products.
  • Visit a dermatologist who prescribes medications.


Home remedies for facial blemishes and how to get rid of face spot


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